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Monica Dascălu

Monica Dascălu


Email: [javascript protected]

Office: Room A423

LEU Complex
Bd. Iuliu Maniu, nr. 1-3
Sect. 6, 061071, Bucharest, Romania

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Coordinates the courses: Digital Integrated Circuits, Microsystems Structure

Coordinates the laboratories: Electronic Circuits (Digital)



DASCĂLU, Monica, Self-Organizing Systems [Book]


ISBN 978-606-515-726-2, 154 pages


DASCĂLU, Monica, Eduard Franti, Lucian Milea, Marius Moga, Catalin Florea, Adrian Barbilian, Mihail Teodorescu, Paul Schiopu, Florin Lazo, Mark Edward Pogarasteanu, "Personalized support system for patients with forearm amputations", ROMJIST (ISI),Vol 15, nr.4, december 2012, pag 368-376, ISSN 1453-8245, WOS:000323706200006 [Journal]


DASCĂLU, Monica, Eduard Franți, "Automate celulare. Modelare și aplicații" [Book]


2014-2016  Master Program: "Media, Public Communication and Globalization" at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest. Master degree in Communication Sciences


1992-1998 PhD studies at Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania. PhD in Microelectronics with the thesis Cellular Automata - a Solution to Reduce VLSI Complexity


1986-1991 Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication, Politehnica Institute of Bucharest, Romania. Electrical Engineer, specialized in Microelectronics

Professional Experience

Academic ranks in Politehnica University of Bucharest, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Department of Electronic Devices, Circuits and Architectures:

1992-1999: teaching assistant

1999-2003: lecturer

2003-2017: associate professor

2017: professor, PhD advisor



Research positions at the Center for New Electronic Architectures (CNAE), Romanian Academy:

1991-1998: scientific researcher

1998-2005: researcher CPIII

2005-present: researcher CPII, Director of CNAE 


Director of the Center for New Electronic Architectures, Romanian Academy

Director / responsible of 14 research projects (one international)

Member in the research team of 19 projects (three international)


Academic Activity

Author of 4 books published at publishing houses recognized by CNCIS (unique author of two books) 

Co-author of 3 chapters in books published at international publishing houses
Author of 2 teaching volumes published at publishing houses recognized by CNCIS 
Author of over 70 scientific articles, of which:
   30 ISI-Thompson / Web of Science articles 
   21 articles in BDI volumes
   75 citations in ISI/BDI articles

Cumulative impact factor: 7.8

H-index: 5
Author of three invited papers at international scientific events.

Member of the Editorial Board of two Scientific Journals and referee of a ISI Journal.