Master programmes

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Multimedia Technologies in Biometrics and Information Security Applications

Study directions

Our master program trains specialists engineers with competencies in the following three major domains:

  • Biometrics technology - methods and techniques regarding human biometric data acquisition, storing and processing, using automatic methods with the purpose of identifying people, or identity checking (authentication).
  • Information security - multimedia content security (IP protection and audio-video digital information security) and personal computer and network security (risk analysis, cyber-attacks detection and prevention, local and network security solutions, databases and specific programming technologies, et al.)
  • Multimedia forensic expertise - information identification of interest in audio recordings and authenticity verification of audio-video recordings, forensics image processing, aspects regarding forensic examination systems and procedures.


BIOSINF program is a research master which aims to train specialists for academic, science and economic activities in state of the art domains, with long term goals. Therefore, the objectives of our program consist on one hand in gaining basic knowledge in audio, voice and video sequences analysis and digital processing and on the other hand, in gaining deep knowledge, both theoretical and practical, in multimedia systems and biometrics technology, with applications in authentication, information security and forensic expertise.