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Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems

Coordinated by: Corneliu Burileanu

Master: Advanced Computing in Embedded Systems (in English)


The course syllabus addresses a growing need in the electronics industry for professionals capable of utilizing the capabilities of energy-efficient systems on chip (SoC). These SoCs, of which our course focuses on the Intel Quark, deliver a great deal of features but their complexity requires
careful system design in order to obtain the best performance at the lowest energy consumption. By delivering this knowledge to students during the master curriculum, they are capable of quickly integrating within professional teams at any employer, without requiring further training. 

The main purpose of this subject is to develop the student abilities to apply the general knowledge of multiprocessor and microcontroller-based architecture of embedded systems in specific projects. The skill to evaluate a certain type of architecture based on performance criteria and to establish the functioning conditions for a multiprocessor and microcontroller-based embedded system in a given situation. Acquiring the necessary skills for embedded systems architecture analysis and design (principles, structure, and functioning) in order to satisfy specific requirements.

Other department members involved in this course: George Vlăduț Popescu