About Us

Specific activity of the department may be briefly stated as the bases for electronics. Teaching and research concerns of our members cover a space composed by semiconductor devices physics,  semiconductor devices, basic electronic circuits and system, computing architectures and programming languages. Over time, the DCAE department has developed research programs in the fields of semiconductor technology and devices, electronics and computer systems technology (with applications in: graphics, video processing, spoken language technology and person -computer dialogue, advanced techniques in signal processing, artificial intelligence and performance computing) .


Department specialization is Microelectronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies.

Research Laboratories

  • LSMI: Microelectronic Structures Laboratory
  • MCESI: Electrical Modeling and Characterization of Integrated Structures
  • SpeeD: Speech and Dialogue Research Laboratory
  • ARH: Digital Circuits and Architectures Research Laboratory
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory: experience and results (over 80 scientific papers and 5 national patents) in audio and acoustic signal processing and speech technology
  • Applied Acoustics Laboratory: experience and results (over 100 scientific papers and 5 national patents) in applied acoustics, noise cancellation and microphone arrays
  • Laboratory for Computer Architecture and Software: experience and results (over 90 articles and 7 international patents) in the design and implementation of command and control systems, software development and computer architectures.

Research Centers

  • CNAE: Center for New Electronic Architectures - joint supervision with the Romanian Academy
  • EDIL: Microelectronics Research and Development Centre


Adriana Georgiana Neagu