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MobilPRO - Innovation and Mobility

UPB, ETTI & LSE are organizing a programming contest for mobile deivices

MobilPRO - Innovation and Mobility

MobilPRO - Innovation and Mobility is a mobile software contest for university and high-school students, organized by University Politehnica of Bucharest, Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Faculty, together with the Electronics Student League. The contest is at its second edition and this year it proposes the following topics: measurements, gaming and educational software. The application has to be implemented for a mobile terminal (smartphone, tablet) and an operating system of choice. Participants can subscribe on their own, or in a four-members team.

Contest timetable is:

1 Nov - 30 Nov: Online submission of the idea for the application
1 Dec - 15 Dec: Selection of the ideas by the jury
16 Dec - 28 Feb: Application development and submission
1 Mar - 19 Mar: Deliberation
20 Mar - 21 Mar: Presentation of the application , by the development team, in the UPB library*

* The team's performance will be evaluated by a jury of professors, sponsors representatives and LSE members. There are five evaluation criteria, each representing 20% of the final grade: quality of the source code, presentation quality, innovation, application design and device resource usage

Contest website:
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Published on October 12, 2014, 13:10.