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Ioan Enache

Ioan Enache

Email: [javascript protected]

Office: Room A226

LEU Complex
Bd. Iuliu Maniu, nr. 1-3
Sect. 6, 061071, Bucharest, Romania


Coordinates the courses: Management

Active in the projects: Environmental Toxic and Flammable Gas Detector Based on Silicon Carbide MOS Sensor Array, Intelligent High Temperature Sensor with Silicon Carbide Diodes (SiC) for Industrial Applications in Hazardous Environments



BABARADA, Florin, CRISTEA, Miron, ENACHE, Ioan, RAVARIU, Cristian, RUSU, Ion, E. Manea, C. Parvulescu, J. Arhip, "Manufacturing of Capacitive Electrodes on Si-substrate for Electrophysiological Applications" [Conference]


37-th IEEE InternationalAnnual Conference of Semiconductors, 13-15 Oct, 2014, Sinaia, Romania